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Why men might not ask for help

Earlier this month, I wrote about how and why it can be so difficult to ask for help. I ended with saying that while it can be difficult to admit that you need help and then ask for this help, in the end, you will gain a lot from it. However, an interesting part of this discussion is the male experience of asking for help, especially in…

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The art of asking for help

Asking for help can be a very scary thing. Especially if you’re not used to it. It can be really hard to do. But once you’ve asked for the help, there is so much potential for change and for things to get better. This is something that we all know deep down: that asking for help, whether it be from a friend or a therapist, will really…

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Interrupted Routines

Reflecting on our habits and exploring our established patterns can be a very challenging thing to do. It can be hard to reflect on how we relate to others and how our routines affect us as people, both positively and negatively. While an interruption in our routine, such as COVID -19, can lead to this reflection, we don’t have to wait for this. We can actively choose…

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Having fun with my blind spots

Acknowledging things about how we behave and discovering unknowns about ourselves are big parts of understanding who we are as people. Understanding ourselves can help us to become the best version of ourselves that we can.

One way of thinking about this is by considering Johari’s window. This model can help us discover things about ourselves and adapt certain behaviours…

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An Exploration of Pleasure and Pain

Recently, I have been wondering about familiarity and getting stuck in cycles of doing familiar things, even if they may not be the best for me. It seems as if it is human nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain. However, it often seems that to experience personal growth, I might have to move out of my comfort zone. This might not always be pleasurable, in fact,…

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Does certainty hinder growth?

Finding the balance between familiarity and something new

As human beings, we like the familiar. We like certainty. We like to be comfortable. It makes us feel safe. But is this always helpful? Are we doing ourselves any favours by sticking with the familiar, or do we need to leave this certainty behind in order to grow? We’ve all heard…

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The Journey

Having counselling is potentially one of the bravest and most important things you will ever do in your life…

However going to counselling can be seen by others as a sign weakness, a sign of failure…you should be able to work this out on your own! I would like to encourage you, it really is OK to ask for support, to say I could do with…

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